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If you're seeking to design a truly customized look, tile is the perfect option to complete your vision.

Tile's versatility allows for different aesthetics across your rooms – giving you the choice of tile that looks like wood for the living room or fun, intricate designs for the bathroom. It can be installed in any room, but it works especially well in kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and entertaining areas.

Their smooth and solid surfaces prevent dust, dirt, and allergens from adhering to your floors and can be easily cleaned by wiping them away. They also hold up against water spills and stains, as long as you give extra care to the grout ­­­– ­the binding between each tile.

The versatility of tile is truly amazing. Some highlighted options include:

  • Types: Ceramic (porcelain or non-porcelain) or natural stone (granite, marble, limestone, slate)
  • Materials: Clay, stone, metal, terrazzo, quartz
  • Finishes for Stone Tile: Natural, honed, polished
  • Patterns: Solid, textured, mixed-and-matched, custom designed
  • Shapes: Triangles, rectangles, planks

Depending on the scale and scope of your project, installing tile can be a pricier and time-intensive option. We can walk you through everything that installation involves so you have a clear idea of what it takes to achieve your envisioned interior.

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