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If you love the look and feel of wood but are looking for more durability at an affordable price, laminate is a perfect solution.

Laminate flooring closely mimics ceramic, stone, or even hand-scraped hardwood but fits into a lower budget. It has a core made up of bonded wood topped with an incredibly durable plastic coating. This combination allows for you to have protected wood floors in a style that matches your home. We pride ourselves in working with manufacturers that offer high product quality, so an investment in laminate flooring can last close to 25 years.

If deciding if laminate is the right choice for you, check out these benefits and considerations:

Perfect for entertaining spaces- Laminate floors fit perfectly for busy areas of your home – like living or family rooms – because they are so resistant to messes and heavy wear and tear.

Great for clean-up- Spills, dust, and debris can be easily swept away, leaving your floors shiny. But watch for long standing water spills! Although we pride ourselves on impeccable installation, the core of laminate is still wood so it's spill resistant but not spill proof.

Brilliant appearance- Laminate flooring takes on incredibly realistic patterns of wood, ceramic, or stone without sacrificing your budget. And your guests won't be able to tell the difference!

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