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Engineered hardwood


Engineered hardwood could be best for your home

Homeowners often seek out wood floors for their stunning visuals that can last up to 100 years or more, providing a wealth of benefits throughout that period. However, sometimes the solid wood flooring is not the best choice. That’s where engineered wood can come into play, and we’d like to tell you more about it right now.

Engineered hardwood flooring for all your spaces

Engineered hardwood flooring is constructed in layers to provide outstanding performance, functionality, and a lifespan that can easily reach 30 years or more. It's an excellent choice for below-grade spaces, where solid wood cannot be installed, as engineered materials are better suited for these damp, humid spaces where temperatures can quickly change. But you get the same great visuals, thanks to a natural wood veneer sitting atop layers of foundational plywood, for the stability you want and need.

Acclimation is as necessary for engineered wood flooring as it is for solid to ensure the products reach the same humidity level as the environment around them. This ensures the flooring will not cup, buckle, or warp, as conditions change around them. You’ll find that once they are installed, they look great, perform well, and are easy to clean and maintain.

Just like solid hardwood, engineered flooring can be refinished to replace years of wear with a brand new finish. The number of times the process can be repeated is solely dependent upon the thickness of the natural wood veneer, so the thicker the wood, the more times it can be refinished. The most viscous products can be refinished several times before the floors need to be replaced, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the gorgeous appearance and outstanding functionality of these great floors.

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