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If you're looking to create a comfortable and soft environment in your home, carpet is the best choice for you.

Carpeted rooms provide a safe surface for your young children to play on and warm a room when you're spending quality time with visitors. Although carpet is so common and familiar, there are decisions to consider when choosing the right type for you. The most common carpeting is made from nylon synthetic fibers which are durable and moisture resistant. This can be essential when managing any accidental spills or when furnishing your basement.

Another synthetic option is polyester, which is similar in durability but can hold carpet dyes very well. This fade-resistant option is perfect for more colorful design choices.

A lesser known option is wool carpeting which is made from natural fibers that have the highest levels of softness compared to synthetic fibers. This eco-friendlier option does come at a higher price point and is not as resistant to moisture.

If you're deciding whether carpet is the right choice for you, check out these benefits and considerations:

Soft and safe- Of all flooring options, carpet provides your family members and visitors with the safest, quietest surface. The fibers can, however, hold onto allergens so it is important to clean it often.

Cost effective- With a wide range of options, you can carpet a large area of your home at a lower price point. Keep in mind you may have to replace it every 10 years or so.

Lower maintenance- Frequent vacuuming and spot treating the occasional mess will ensure you keep your carpet feeling soft and comfortable.

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